Public Directory / Entry Panel
Responsive Touch Interface
Live IP Video Capable
Multilingual Text & Voice Prompts
Customizable Photo Slideshow
QwikFind™ Name Finder
Optional Call-Up or Standard Directory
Staff / Concierge / Guard
Delivery Receiving w/ Optional Stand-Alone Display
Live IP Video Capable
Switch Console Relay Activation
Email & Text Message Residents/Staff
Additional Directory Categories
Remote Camera Monitoring
Call Redirect
Emergency-Call / Bluelight
Pull Cords, Pendants, Push Stations
Pocket-Paging Capable
Live IP Video Capable
2 Call Priorities
Resident Medical Information Pop-Up
Emergency Call-Down w/ optional photo
2-Way Voice Communication with Privacy Override for Emergencies

Features List

Management Features

The Welcome Screen

8 Communication Methods

SIP 1, 5, 6
VoIP 1, 5, 6

Directory Features

Concierge Features

Network Overview