AlphaEntry™ v5 Full Installation / Demo

New Installation:
Previous Version Upgrade:

This installation requires a PC with a non-embedded version of Windows and includes options to install:
  • The AlphaEntry™ Software
    • Note: Without a licensing dongle, this software will run in DEMO MODE.
  • The AlphaEntry™ Database and Hub
  • The AlphaEntry™ Editor & Log Viewer
  • The AlphaEntry™ QwikAccess™ Integration

Mobile App

If your building is signed up for the Online Resident Package, downloading this app will allow you to receive calls from your visitors through a push notification and answer them using VoIP - from your home, or from anywhere you have an internet connection. If enabled, a live video stream of your visitor will also be visible so you can verify the caller's identity before allowing them access into the building using the app's built-in door release function.